I only remember driving my RC

cars once in awhile. I suppose I did not drive them that much because of the expense of buying the batteries. I don’t know how long the batteries lasted. It could not have been that long.

I remember I had the orange and while RC buggy; my first RC, I also had a white buggy, and a green and black buggy. I also had a john Deere tractor RC.

The john Deer was only good for driving on the carpet. I don’t remember driving it much.

I don’t know why but, I think most of those RC vehicles ended up in pieces. I must have been because I like to take things apart. Getting things back together has always been a problem for me.

Taking a ting apart with a crew driver is easy. Using that screw driver to put the thing back together is a littler harder. I don’t think I drove them enough to wreck them. I wish I remembered how often I drove them.

And I wish I had a race track to drive them around. I mainly only drove them in straight lines. I think. And I also wish I had not taken most of them apart. I wish they still worked so I could drive them now.


Today I want to write about one of

my other hobbies. And that is RC cars. I don’t know if I have already written about them. If I have I will write about them again.

I remember my first RC car. It was small. A buggy type RC car. It took batteries in the car an the transmitter. At least I think it was my first RC car. Maybe it was the first RC car that we had that I considered my own.

I remember getting it and bringing it home. I am sure I drove it that first day. Though I am not sure that I drove it much after that.

And I thought about RC cars. When I was young I used to listen to a lot of sports talk radio and watch sports on TV. I was obsessed. I worried about trades, and how my favorite teen was doing. Looking back it did not make my life that much fun.

I though I wish I had spent all that time on driving RC cars and homework. I don’t know why I did what I did when I was younger. I needed to ask myself are you enjoying this instead of doing the same things over and over again.

I am sure I would have much more fun driving my RC car around than listening to the radio or watching TV. And I would have been learning a useful skill. Who knows if I had practiced everyday I might be able to drive an RC car now.

My thinking must have been back then that if you were not good at a thing the first time you tried it then why bother. Because you were never going to get good at it. I am not sure that is the case now.

Even if I would never have been the best drive I could have gotten better by lost of practice. And I would have had a lot of fun along the way. Live and learn.

The next console I got after I had had

the Nintendo entertainment system for several years was the Sega Genesis. I am not sure that that console was the one that I wanted to get. I might have wanted to get a super Nintendo. And the Sega Genesis was the only console in stock.

I have no idea why I wanted to get a the Sega Genesis. I must have liked the 16 bit graphics. And the 3 button controller. I wish I could remember.

I do remember that the console came with a controller and song the hedge hog video game. And also the games were still on cartridges.

For 8 bot NES to 16 bit Sega genesis. I thought the graphics for video games could never get any better than the 16 bit graphics. They were amazing back then compared to the NES.

I don’t know how I got interested in video

games. Maybe I got interesting in video gaming because i had a Atari 2600. Why did I enjoy playing video games? I don’t know. Why did I give up playing video games? I don’t know.¬† I suppose I thought I had better things to do than play video games. I never thought about the why I got interested in video games, and why I stopped playing video games. and then started playing video games again.

There are people who think that video

games are a waste of time. I have never been one of those people. I enjoy playing video games more than I do watching moves or watching TV.

I am not sure why I do. Yes, I am. Say I play a basketball video game. I can be my favorite basketball play. Sure its not real. But, it feels real to me.

It does not make sense to me now but, I used to think about sports all the time. Worrying about trades. I used to get upset when my favorite sports team lost. And looking back it was not fun.

When I used to play video games I would get upset if I were losing, throw the controller, yell, and scream. Now I would never do that. Its better to keep calm I think.

To me video games are a release. They are fun, Sure they are only pixels on a screen. Sure I don’t want to play video games all day. Or even half the day. But, I do like playing video games after all these years. Because I find them fun. They make me feel better. And I enjoy playing them.

I wonder why I got new video games

if I did not first beat the video games I already had. when I read a book I finish the book then I get a new book to read. Sometimes I do read more than one book at a time but, I do finish the books.

With video games i rarely finished them. So why did I get a new game when I had not finished the old one? It makes no sense to me. Why not play the game until I beat it. Then get a new game.

I have no idea why I got the video games I did. I must have liked the game, or my friends had them. Or both.

I do remember reading Nintendo power magazine, and I don’t know what it was called but, it cold have been¬† sega genesis or sega visions magazine. I doubt I read much of the magazines. I was not much of a reader back then.

Maybe I got games because I saw them in magazines? In addition to my friends owning the game and me liking the game. I will never know.